Introducing Class 5 Global
What do we want to build?

We hope to build the best capital partner for Emerging Market startups. Let us try to break this down, as “best” can mean many things to many people.

To our entrepreneurs: Class 5 wants to be the first phone call you make when you need capital, when you need advice, and when you need a helping hand. You are the reason we are here today, and we are here to support you. We hope to be so much more than just a checkbook, we consider you to be our partners, and we hope you view us as the same. Let’s build something big together.

To the ecosystem: We hope you consider Class 5 to be an upstanding firm. Although we may disagree at times, we hope you view us as principled and intellectually honest individuals. Each team member will work hard to earn that reputation and your trust.

How do we want to do it?

Class 5 is in the people business. We have no factories, no inventory, and no secret formulation, all we have are the people who choose to work with us. People are the single most important factor to Class 5’s success. However, there are countless investment firms with very smart people, so what sets us apart? Simply put, it is our culture.

We are building Class 5 to be a place for intellectual curiosity and intellectual honesty. How do we do this? Class 5 is a family. A family in which everyone is supportive when you are exploring a new idea and honest when we think that idea has failed. Like a family, we care for each individual and will support them in every way shape or form to succeed, but we are not afraid to tell the truth. As with any family there may be squabbles about far-reaching subjects, but our debate will make intellectual curiously and intellectual honesty persevere. This is how we want to build Class 5, and this is how we maintain our culture.

Today is day 1, but every day is day 1 if we want to have the word “best” attached to our name. We look forward to an exciting journey ahead with you, our partner.


Class 5